Tadeo Video Relay Service A 360° accessibility platform for deaf or hard of hearing people

Tadeo VRS is a video relay service platform than enables deaf people to communicate in complete autonomy in a professional or a personal environment. 

Initially designed with employers and their employees, and for all deaf professionals, Tadeo VRS is a universal and comprehensive solution for all communication between deaf or hard hearing people and the rest of the world. A perfect solution in a professional context and for general accessibility!

2 use cases: 

  • Workplace setup of a deaf or hard of hearing employee for complete autonomy in the execution of their duties.
  • Accessibility of a public or private facility to people who are deaf, hard of hearing or who speak a foreign language, from telephone calls to on-site reception.


Tadeo accessibility platform for deaf

How does Tadeo Video Relay Service work?

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Workplace setup or general public accessibility: the principle remains the same. Thanks to a multimedia application, the user can connect remotely and in real time to our platform to reach an interpreter instantly.
For deaf or hard of hearing people Tadeo VRS covers all the communication needs:

  • Sign Language with our sign language visio-interpreters,
  • Transcription with our E-transcribers who type remotely and in realtime what is being said. This is done using our proprietary technology and technique,
  • Cued speech.

Technology and expertise designed and developed by French company Delta Process

The organization of Tadeo VRS into several interactive platforms enables immediate support and a high level of service availability, which are essentials for reliable communication on a daily basis in any context.

Based on a fully integrated organization, Tadeo VRS meets the fundamental requirements of their public and private clients on the security of proprietary technologies, professional secrecy, the quality of the services and the sustainability of the service. 

The technique used by our E-transcribers is unique in the market and was developed to ensure speed and quality of transcription. Our employees are trained in this technique in our own school to ensure the delivery of top-quality experience to our users. This approach allows us to surpass AI especially in a professional setting where there are so many acronyms or specific words. 

95% of calls in less than 30 seconds

Where and when can you use the Tadeo Video Relay Service?

With Tadeo VRS, any employee who is deaf or hard of hearing can use the solution, whether on site, remote or on business trips.

All professionals communication needs :
Phone call, meeting, conference call, interview, videoconference, training

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Do you know ?

Did you know?

Tadeos VRS can also be used for foreign language visio-interpreters

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The advantages of the Tadeo Video Relay Service

Full autonomy

TadeoVRS, allows all employees to be autonomous in their relationship with their colleagues. TadeoVRS is also designed for self-employed people and allows them to manage their company in full autonomy.

 Immediate Availability

Tadeo VRS is available at all time no matter the situation, despite the length of their meetings or calls as part of days and work hours .


An unlimited service in the duration and type of communication.

Focus on the inclusion of deaf or hard-of hearing people in professional environment

Tadeo Video Relay Service a solution which puts deaf and hard of hearing people at the same communication level

Tadeo Video Relay Service is a platform that can make deaf people able to call and exchange in complete autonomy in a professional environment. Effectively it’s like giving them a phone that they can use like everybody else.

Designed for employers and their employees, Tadeo VRS solution is a universal and comprehensive solution for all communications in a professional context.

No more need to depend on a colleague to make a phone call, no more missed meetings, no more missed conferences. With the Tadeo VRS platform, communication between deaf and hearing employees is now possible and easy. On site, remote or from home, Tadeo VRS is made for all working contexts.

Thanks to Tadeo VRS, deaf or hard-of-hearing people can communicate via telephone, have conversations, and participate in meetings and conferences in person or remotely. This device has all the features a classic communication tool would have with an intuitive interface. 

Tadeo is designed for companies as well as the self-employed.

Accessibility of public or private institutions to deaf, hard of hearing or foreign speaker

Through the Tadeo VRS platform, a public or private institution can be accessible to deaf or hard of hearing people and foreigners from the phone call to the reception on site.

Tadeo VRS gives a complete, fully accessible and an equal way to access information.

For phone calls, the deaf or hard of hearing person connects to the platform to access interpreters, transcriptors or translators, which then start the call with the chosen institution. On the other side they just need to pick up the phone. This is a classic phone call.

For face-to-face exchange, the deaf person presents himself with the Tadeo VRS application and via the platform he can communicate with his interlocutor in real time.

If the deaf or hard of hearing person or a foreign person shows up without the device, the facility takes over and connects to a business application.
This application allows you to access the translators’ platform with a click, by self-service or by reservation.