How to use the Tadeo video relay service

How to use
the Tadeo video relay service?

  • Tadeo Video Relay Service is a user-friendly solution which connects users to each other on the secure and specialized platform. All of that powered with our proprietary technology ensuring the best experience for all the users.
  • The advanced design of Tadeo VRS, creates the perfect condition for short answer time and a high level of availability, essential conditions for reliable communication.

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Tadeo Video Relay Service, for whom?


  • Deaf or hard of hearing sign language speaker
  • Deaf or hard of hearing using transcription
  • People speaking a foreign language


  • Sign language interpreters
  • Transcribers
  • Foreign language interpreters


  • Professionnal contacts
  • Personal Contacts
  • Public or private company

Tadeo Video Relay Service, how does it work?

User tadeo service

The user

Step 1: Download the app & connect to the service

From a computer, tablet or smartphone, connects to one of the Tadeo VRS app:

  • Tadeo Video Relay Service for workplace setup and exchanges in Professional environment.
  • Tadeo Video Relay Service for the general public and exchanges in the personal, everyday sphere

Step 2: Select his communication preference

Choose between: Sign language interpreters, Transcribers or Foreign language interpreters.

Step 3: Start the conversation

The user and the agent call the person needed or lead the exchange (interview, meeting ….)

Agent tadeo service

The agent

Step 1: Download the agent app & connect to the Tadeo VRS Platform

From their workstation, connects to the Tadeo VRS platform through a dedicated app.

Step 2: Start working!

  • Answer realtime request: Phonecall or face to face
  • Manage schedule and bookings (days and slots updated as users request)
  • Work through their daily appointments (meeting, training, ….)

All the other parties can then exchange freely
with the other user without any configuration to do or equipement to buy.