live sign language transcription in a professional environment

Tadeo VRS,
live sign language transcription in a professional environment

Tadeo offers a interpretation services by sign language interpreters in different languages and in different professional contexts. Tadeo VRS services are suitable for remote work situations or business travel. Interpreters master technical vocabulary and translation between English and French sign language.

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A team of interpreters mastering technical vocabulary

Deaf virologist at Evotec

Juliette conducts virology research that involves extensive analytical work carried out in collaboration with a team of technicians.

During lockdown, Juliette used Tadeo's services for teleworking, to participate in meetings and to interact with team colleagues.

The meeting took place on Webex, and the Tadeo interpreters, with their platform were able to interpret the remote meeting for me.

With Tadeo, Juliette get the same information as everyone else and at the same time as everyone else. The team of interpreters, very available, knows the technical vocabulary. The application is easy to use and the reservation system allows great flexibility on a daily basis.

French sign language-english visio interpretation in office, at home or in business-trip

Deaf computer engineer at Amadeus

For his activity as an IT engineer specializing in the management of production servers, Maurive uses English on a daily basis. Before lockdown, he used Tadeo for for meetings and phone calls, including internationally with the USA, India, Germany. When traveling, Maurice continued to use his computer to use Tadeo services.

Maurice uses the French sign language-English interpretation service or English transcription on a daily basis. Since the lockdowns, and with the generalization of remote work, the use of Tadeo has been natural, via the Webex platform.

In-person captioning to follow seminars and conferences

Chief curator at the national library of France

Tadeo accompanied Charlotte's immersion at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, in the United States. As automatic transcription services were not efficient enough, Charlotte used the services of Tadeo e-transcribers to follow the conferences and seminars in English she must attend..

The in-person captioning also allowed her to ask questions to the speakers in a fluid way and to be fully effectively integrated into the discussions.

Services to the public, our client's testimony

O2 - Cleaning, Home Help, Childcare and Tutoring

We are the team in frontrow at the sales development revenue, customer fidelity of clients and we also take care of our employees in the fields. Making our services accessible to the deaf or hard-of-hearing people with Tadeo VRS is a bonus for us.

This way, we meet their needs like any of our customers. All of our clients have the same information level. Since october 2018, our 02 customer service branch offices have been accessible to the deaf or hard of hearing person through Tadeo VRS.

Tisseo Public transport system operator

Our customer relationship service is a department of ten advisors who are listening to our users to inform them about : route calculation, next passes, bus line deviation, ticket fares… For Tisseo, taking all disabilities into account is fundamental to ensure the possibility to use our services. 

“Allo Tisseo”, our telephone customer relationship service, has been made accessible to deaf and hard of hearing or speech impaired. Tadeo is the simplest solution we found to provide this service.