innovation for deaf people

Tadeo VRS,
innovation for deaf people
by Delta Process

  • Delta Process is a French company and a pioneer expert in the processing of audio and video streams with secure protocols. The company was founded in 1993 by Hervé Allart de Hees.
  • The French Tadeo solution was founded in 2007 when a couple of employers reached out to create a solution for deaf people in order for them to be more independent in their daily professional life.

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Live speech transcription
via remote platforms


Tadeo device delivered its first Live Speech Transcription (LST) and French Sign Language Video-Interpretation via its remote platforms. The services rely on a technological base (proprietary software) and expertise (e-transcription and video-interpretation), which meet the quality and security required by employers. From this knowhow, the Acceo service was created for companies and public services. It provides phone and on-site accessibility for hard of hearing and deaf people.


Another use of the application was developed based on the same technology and expertise. Except that this time, public or private institutions were the targets. This time, the technology was made for those institution to be accessible to their deaf or hard of hearing clients and citizens.


The offer is extensive and also incorporates accessibility for hearing people who speak a foreign language.


We celebrated 15 years of services for deaf or hard of hearing person in the professional environment withmore than 8000 users and millions of transcribed or interpreted conversations.
In 2022, we also celebrated 10 years of accessibility for public and private institutions and we count more than 50 000 establishments equipped with our device.