The DIFA and Tadeo Video Relay Services are thrilled to announce their partnership !

On Wed 22 feb 2023

For more than a decade, the DIFA has been allowing the deaf football to grow and expand internationally.

This work allows us to put the spotlight on our deaf athletes and value their work.

This is how Tadeo video relay services and the DIFA link together... The Tadeo Video Relay Services solution creates the environment allowing any deaf person to be more independent in their daily professional and personnal life.

Therefore it’s all naturally that the DIFA and Tadeo video relay services join forces to support their organizations.

By teaming up with the DIFA, Tadeo Video Relay Services is proud to promote the development of international deaf football and to support the work and will of deaf athletes around the world.

As for The DIFA, they are proud to promote a solution that breaks down barriers by giving deaf people the ability to work in full autonomy in a hearing environment.

New Partnership _ TadeoVRS